Bison Cooking Tips

Bison Cooking Tips


There is no such thing as tough Buffalo meat, only improperly instructed cooks. You can interchange Bison with almost any beef recipe if a few simple instructions are followed.

The golden rule is "DO NOT OVERCOOK!" 

Since Bison meat is so lean you're not cooking fat, as a result, it cooks quicker at a lower temperature. A 2 lb. Seasoned Prime Roasts will cook at 275 for about 90 Minutes. REMEMBER, Buy good product from a reputable marketer. 

Bison / Buffalo meat has less fat than beef. You will not get the shrinkage that you are normally accustomed. What you see when you start is what you get when you are thru cooking. This helps make Bison a better buy for your money. 

Set oven temperature to 250-275 degrees and use a meat thermometer to check for doneness at 110-120 degrees. At this lower temperature your roast should take the same amount of time as beef that is cooked at higher temperature.

Pan Frying, Pan Broil
High heat only for searing! Then turn the heat down. Remember Bison cooks faster than beef don't overcook that steak! Watch your cooking time.
DO NOT MASH THE BURGERS! Flip Once, season, then check them. You may even have to add a small amount of water or olive oil to the pan when frying burgers to keep them from sticking to the pan.

After searing, braise low and slow with plenty of moisture. Since Bison is so lean, you'll need to keep it moist. It's a good idea to marinate these cuts of meat first, and make sure that the meat is frequently basted. 

Move your rack further away from the heat source. Broil as with beef, but shorten the cooking time. Turn the steaks a few minutes sooner and check for doneness. GRILL steaks on medium heat, take them off a little pink. They will finish (to well) in your plate.